helping busy people to

helping busy people to

declutter and organise
their homes.

Less clutter. Less time spent tidying.

A calmer home.

More time to do the things you love.

Fall in love with your home again.

I'm Gemma.

I help busy people to declutter and organise their homes, creating calmer, more relaxing and welcoming spaces to live in.

I’m non-judgemental, high energy, very thorough and systematic. I like to think about the whole ecosystem of your home – and I can work with you to create time-saving and stress-easing systems throughout your space.

I offer decluttering and home organisation sessions across Edinburgh and the Lothians (and sometimes just into the Borders).

I work my magic to leave you with a home that is calm, well organised and contains only the things that you really love and which support the life you want to live.

During my sessions I create organised and clutter-free spaces that are easy to clean and keep tidy, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

I’d love to help you create a calmer, more relaxing and welcoming space to live in.

My Services

In-Home Decluttering & Organising

Booking me for an in-home decluttering and organising session is the quickest way to see real results in your home.

Online 1-TO-1
Power Hour

During my 1-to-1 consultations, held via ZOOM and typically 1-hour long, I provide guidance on your decluttering journey.

Online Group Course

Join a small and friendly group of people also tackling their homes to get on top of clutter and reclaim calm with my group online course.

A little bit about me...

I’m Gemma and I LOVE organising homes.

When I was younger, my Mum used to say to people, “Oh, you need a Gemma!” I loved helping her out at home – I’m one of four, so it was a busy household – and I think she was quite happy to let me get on with organising her cupboards!

Fast forward 20 years (ish!) and I decided that the job I’d been doing for the past decade, despite working with some really great people, just wasn’t compatible with the life I wanted to lead with my three young children. It also didn’t light my fire the way home organising does. So, I handed my notice in and started to grow my decluttering and home organising business.

I love helping busy people and families enjoy their homes more. I offer a range of home organising services, including working hands-on in homes to help organise belongings and declutter so my clients can discover the joys of a calm and manageable home.

I’m always trying to live my best life on the outskirts of Edinburgh with my husband, 3 children, 2 cats and a handful of chickens.

Happy Clients

“Gemma is worth every penny. We now know what we have which saves us buying more unnecessarily. We thought we needed more storage, more shelves, a bigger kitchen, but as it turns out we needed less stuff! I am now inspired to cook again and falling back in love with our house. Thank you Gemma, we can’t wait to see you again! “

Renae, Midlothian

“She was kind and non-judgemental and appeared to relish the challenge! She wasn’t dictatorial about what to throw away, but helped me decide what was useful, what I could sort through on my own another day, and what could go to a charity shop.”

Lucy, Edinburgh

“What a woman! Gemma put me at ease from the moment I booked her. She supported me to figure out what I wanted to keep and what to donate or throw out. She was sensitive to my morals and wishes (trying to reuse and recycle as much as possible) and she got stuck in moving furniture, wiping shelves and then taking away all my donations to a charity or to be recycled. It took only 3 hours and I was instantly able to relax in my new haven. With the kids back at school, having the space to free my mind for working from home in my organised space and then chill out is unbelievable!”

Eve, Midlothian

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