Resetting your home

This week, over on my Instagram and Facebook pages ( and I’ve been talking about ‘resetting’ your home – and I’m inviting you all to join in with doing an evening reset of your kitchen.     When I talk about a ‘reset’ – I’m talking about tidying things fully away at the end […]

3 steps to effectively declutter your space

This week is National Organising Week! There is a buzz about the organising community as we come together to share tips, hints and advice on how to get organised and create calm and relaxing homes which – crucially – are easy to live in. This year the focus is on sustainability – which I find […]

Decluttering Hurdles

Hurdles you might come across as you declutter your possessions I want to talk a little bit today about some of the key hurdles you might come across as you start to declutter and organise you home. Forewarned is forearmed, so I hope that by talking about these potential hurdles now, you’ll have some strategies […]