Resetting your home

This week, over on my Instagram and Facebook pages ( and I’ve been talking about ‘resetting’ your home – and I’m inviting you all to join in with doing an evening reset of your kitchen.     When I talk about a ‘reset’ – I’m talking about tidying things fully away at the end […]

3 steps to effectively declutter your space

This week is National Organising Week! There is a buzz about the organising community as we come together to share tips, hints and advice on how to get organised and create calm and relaxing homes which – crucially – are easy to live in. This year the focus is on sustainability – which I find […]

Decluttering Hurdles

Hurdles you might come across as you declutter your possessions I want to talk a little bit today about some of the key hurdles you might come across as you start to declutter and organise you home. Forewarned is forearmed, so I hope that by talking about these potential hurdles now, you’ll have some strategies […]

Live Big with Less – My decluttering method

Today I’m introducing my method of decluttering which I use in my own home, and when working with clients. It’s very straightforward, and by the time you’ve decluttered a couple of areas of your home, you probably won’t need to refer back to the method. Once this way of decluttering is engrained in you, you’ll […]

Maintaining a clutter free home: Dealing with guilt

Today I’m talking about guilt. So many of us have feelings of guilt around the clutter we have in our home. It might be: guilt about gifts given to you which you do not love guilt about the money spent on an item you have never used guilt about the thought of getting rid of […]

Moving your decluttered items on: Exit Strategies

Today I’m talking about exist strategies. It’s really useful, at the beginning of the decluttering process, to think about the options you have for moving on your decluttered possessions. We all want to keep as much as we can out of landfill, which is of course a great thing and something very close to my […]