Moving your decluttered items on: Exit Strategies

Today I’m talking about exist strategies. It’s really useful, at the beginning of the decluttering process, to think about the options you have for moving on your decluttered possessions.

We all want to keep as much as we can out of landfill, which is of course a great thing and something very close to my heart, but this can be a real barrier to successful decluttering, if we are not able to find suitable places to move items on to.

I’m sharing with you some suggestions from me, of outlets I regularly use for either my own decluttering efforts or for moving on my clients’ items.

Charity Shops

Bag your items. Black bin bags are useful – you’re not tempted to pull your decluttered items back out whilst you wait to move them out of your house. Some charity shops here in the UK are accepting postal donations at the moment – check individual websites for details.

Local Facebook swap/share/for sale/for free pages

Research yours now, and take photos as you declutter so you can easily list items following your decluttering session.

Nurseries, Playgroups & schools

Books, indoor and outdoor toys, craft items, children’s indoor/outdoor clothing & footwear – even underwear (they like to have spares) – can be offered to your local schools and nurseries. Just phone ahead and check that they will be grateful for them.


List your items for sale or for free on gumtree. If you have many things within a category (e.g. toys, clothing) you can list it as a bundle. Again, photograph as you go

Recycling centre

Check what your local centre accepts. Some centres have shoe, fabric and clothing bins. Whilst these may not be the most direct route to charity, your clothing shouldn’t end up in landfill. Any broken electricals, batteries and cables can be recycled. Some recycling centres accept donations of items such as toys and tools, too.

Food banks

For in-date, unopened food.

Women’s Aid

Many donations accepted – check Facebook for your local Women’s Aid. Their page might tell you what donations they are actively looking for/accepting.

Smalls for All

Send your new underwear (& lightly used bras) – by mail here.

Smart Works Edinburgh

For those close to Edinburgh, Smart Works accepts donations of ladies smart clothing, accessories, shoes, bags & unopened toiletries here.

Kids Love Clothes Edinburgh/Lothians

Again, a local charity, accepting children’s clothing ages 0-12 – you can find donation drop off points here.

If you have any suggestions for exit strategies that work brilliantly for you – please post in the comments below.

G x