Resetting your home

This week, over on my Instagram and Facebook pages ( and I’ve been talking about ‘resetting’ your home – and I’m inviting you all to join in with doing an evening reset of your kitchen.



When I talk about a ‘reset’ – I’m talking about tidying things fully away at the end of the day. So in the kitchen that’s fully clearing down the worktops. That means leaving no clutter behind, and setting it up ready for the day ahead.



I know you’re tired (me too!). But it makes a massive difference not only to how you feel when you wake up and head into the kitchen in the morning, but also to how the day unfolds. Things are easy to find, you don’t waste time searching for things, breakfast can be peaceful.



It’s worth timing yourself for this one – in 10 minutes you can turn your kitchen around, and I reckon that’s a good time investment.



And – don’t do it alone – rope anyone you live with into this too!

I can pretty much guarantee you’ll feel it was worthwhile in the morning.